have you ever purchased rosewater?  have you ever read a book wherein a woman fills a basin with cool water and a little bit of rosewater?  have you ever noticed that truly elegant women don’t smell of perfumes, but rather of freshness and rose petals?

ever wonder how they do that?

turns out, it’s not rocket science and is actually a pretty good way to sidestep the alcohol and chemical bath that is most perfumes and eau de toilettes.  plus, it usually comes in a glass bottle so no plastic either!

rosewater is distilled rose petal water.  simple to make (think enclosed steamer) and wonderful to cook with, bake with, add to drinks (champagne), and awesome for your morning ablutions.

i am a shampoo free girl (i’ll explain this in a later post), and to keep my hair smelling fresh i throw a bit of rosewater on my fingers after the shower each morning and work it through.  the smell is mild and lasts all day.  added bonus: rosewater is a mild astringent, so it helps with oily skin!

so to recap: elegance + fantastic smell + no plastic = rosewater as part of a morning routine.  truth.


and in case you’re wondering, i prefer alwadi’s brand.


starting over.

oh july.  you’re pushy and bossy and stifling.  you make living and sleeping fussy.  but you also reward with ice creams, champagne cocktails, and glorious skin.  and as an added midsummer bonus, this year you come with a new roommate and a fresh start.  so i guess i’ll keep you.

the new roommate comes with new furniture and a fresh look at our four walls.  i’m excited.  well, not at the prospect of hefting and hauling and sweating and swearing, but at creating a new space.

thanks to the loveliness that is pinrest i stumbled upon the make room.  man o man.  where has this been my whole life?

so check out option a: (cramped i know, but NR has lotsa great furnishings and i’m all for not pitching good things)

made at

i can’t wait for my desk/sewing table!

here’s to good things from bad.